Getting Started

Tutoring: If you are interested in academic tutoring for your child, or you are a school that wants after-school academic services, please contact Ayesha Hoda at or

Cost: $50 per hour or per-session rate if a NYC public school. Rates for individuals are based on a sliding scale and are very negotiable. For this service, no one will be turned away!

Just Video: If you are a non-profit or school and are interested in receiving monthly video content for your website in the form of micro-documentaries, please contact Hany Massoud at

Total Cost: $320-$575 plus tax, per video, with the first video free, no commitments.

(we use a sliding scale by considering the size of your organization)

Media Literary Workshop: If you would like a media after-school program where kids learn to create their own content in the form of documentaries, or weekly radio/tv shows, please contact Hany Massoud at

Cost: $40 per hour, or Per-session rate if NYC public school.

(for other non-profits, we use a sliding scale by considering the size of your organization)

Identity in Action Curriculum:If you are interested in starting, facilitating, or asking us to run an Identity in Action program at your school, non-profit or community center, please contact Ayesha Hoda at or

(We also do 1-day or weekend condensed versions of the program as workshops!)

Cost: The curriculum is free and we offer free training for people interested in starting/facilitating their own programs using our curriculum!

If you would like us to come in and facilitate the program ourselves, we charge $40 per hour or per-session rate if a NYC public school.

(for other non-profits, we use a sliding scale by considering the size of your organization)

Are you a young person interested in joining a program?For individuals living in the NYC area, we can connect you with one of the already-existing programs, or you can contact us to give you the support to start your own group. Just email or call 646-267-5057 with the specific program you are interested in.

Interested in starting your own group?If you are a person or an organization within or outside the NYC area that wants to self-run, we have a protocol in place to offer assistance in implementing the program. Of course, this is what we offer for support but is by no means mandatory in starting your own chapter.

JBP will assist in establishing a self-run group through the following steps:

1. We will present JBP’s curriculum and concept to your community leaders interested in the program.

2. We will then hold an open presentation for the community at large in partnership with the community organizers for any questions/concerns about the program.

3. We will help facilitate the creation of a committee to oversee the implementation of the program and help recruit volunteers.

4. We will organize meetings to start evaluating the curriculum and customizing it to the specific needs of the particular community.

5.  We will train volunteers in the implementation of the curriculum (in person or through email/conference call depending on the location).

6. Once the program begins and is completely run by local community organizers, we will be available for free consultation at any time throughout the process for support or ideas.

Let us know how we can work together to engage our youth:

Contact us at: or call 646-267-5057




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