Justice by the Pen is an organization that provides multiple platforms for youth to engage in social justice efforts.

JBP Goals

We strive to accomplish our mission with a four-pronged approach:

1) Provide youth the math, science, literacy and social science skills to effectively contribute to society through whatever career path they choose.  We put an emphasis on literacy skills so youth can express their ideas and opinions in an effective manner.(Program that meets this goal)

2) Establish a venue for youth to deconstruct their identities through an anthropological lens so they contribute to their community with a more informed understanding of their place in society. (Program that meets this goal)

3) Assist youth in critically analyzing the media’s power and influence over their lives, as well as teach youth how to harness this power to better express their ideas effectively for their self-expression or activism. (Program that meets this goal)

4) Offer youth opportunities to gain transferable skills through our JUST Video fellowships and internships, while working to support local non-profits. (Program that meets this goal)


We provide four programs that respectively meet the four goals mentioned above.

Tutoring: Justice by the Pen offers tutoring and homework help for elementary and middle school math, science, English language arts, and social studies. We also offer Specialized High School SHSAT and GED/TASC (High School Equivalency) test prep services. Justice by the Pen can run tutoring/homework help to full classes in schools as an after-school program, or can offer private tutoring at a student’s home or at JBP’s home office in the west Bronx. (More)

Identity in Action Program: The JBP Identity in Action program is a year-long after school curriculum taught through activities, discussions, lectures, documentaries, guest speakers and field-trips. The program starts by challenging youth to deconstruct their identities by looking at the societal forces that shape them, such as race, class, gender, nationality, etc. Throughout the year, youth grapple with the questions, “Why are you here?”, “Where did you come from?”, “Who are you?” Once the youth have a better realization of who they are, Justice by the Pen then challenges students to put their higher sense of identity into action by choosing a social justice project to focus on. This can range from participating in organizing, to simply gaining more autonomy over their lives. All youth organizing stems from issues that the youth themselves identify as worthy of addressing. (More)

Media Literacy Program: The Media literacy program is a class that exposes students to a variety of media tools, culminating in students choosing one tool to use for a long-term project of their selection. This project can range from a mini-documentary to a weekly school tv-channel broadcast on you-tube and the school website. Although we cover newspaper writing, art/photography, and radio, the program will focus on video production, as this is our staff’s area of expertise, and students are already using this type of venue by video taping with their smart phones and uploading content. Students will have access to editing software and camera equipment.

Just video: Just video is a monthly video service we provide to non-profits in which we produce a series of micro-documertaries highlighting each organization’s mission, feature events, or important updates. This, in turn, helps the non-profit organizations reach their audiences with new information each month and spreads their messages via the web. While creating an updated TV channel for organizations and producing consistent, timely material, Just Video additionally provides internships for formally incarcerated youth, teaching the ins-and-outs of journalism and video production. (More)

For more information on the vision and founding principles behind JBP (Click Here)