Homegrown is a Justice by the Pen program for kids ages 3-6 and their parents/caretakers that introduces various social justice issues to a younger audience through the way young folks learn best: play in nature. In a time where care for our environment is so desperately needed, we believe planting seeds at a young age by allowing kids to engage with nature is the best way to create an appreciation and desire to protect it when older. Engaging with nature increases wonder, creativity, empathy, self-confidence and focus, and doing so in a group setting teaches cooperation and other important life skills. Homegrown classes will spark kids’ imaginations and create open-ended play scenarios to engage with the environment at young folks’ own paces and levels of participation. Some of the themes that will be introduced to kids through Homegrown classes include climate change, food justice, recycling, and housing justice. The spring semester’s social justice theme is sustainable living, and will create opportunities for young ones to explore renewable energy and ultimately design their own sustainable cities.