Media Literacy Program

The Media literacy program is a class that exposes students to a variety of media tools, culminating in students choosing one tool to use for a long-term project of their selection. This project can range from a mini-documentary to a weekly school tv-channel broadcast on you-tube and the school website. Although we cover newspaper writing, art/photography, and radio, the program will focus on video production, as this is our staff’s area of expertise, and students are already using this medium by recording¬†with their smart phones and uploading content. Students will have access to editing software and camera equipment.

If you would like a media after-school program where kids learn to create their own content in the form of documentaries, or weekly radio/tv shows, please contact:

Hany Massoud at

Cost: $40 per hour, or Per-session rate if NYC public school.


For more information, contact us at: or call 646-267-5057