JUST Video for non-profits

JUST Video

In the 1440s, Johannes Gutenberg redefined the printing press, changing the way the world would share information and knowledge. Now, with the technological advancement of digital video production and the Internet, the world is becoming even closer. Just as the price of books and printed materials dropped when the printing press was developed, today video production and the ability to reach a certain audience via the internet has become easier, cheaper and more accessible.

What we do
In simple terms, we produce a monthly micro-documentary or online TV Series about your organization. Each month a new video highlighting or featuring something unique about your work will be shared with the world through your own online channel. Your videos will be educating, assisting, advising, or announcing your latest works. Simultaneously, your video series will provide opportunities for your organization to gain loyal followers/supporters, be used to make your message go viral, and will become a platform for your organization to fundraise.

Gaining Loyal Supporters: Instead of making a one-time promotional video that is seen once–infrequently bringing people back to your site–our micro-documentary series will provide your viewers something new each month to keep them coming back for more. Your followers will have the option to subscribe to your series, keeping them plugged in and loyal to your work.

Your message going viral: Because you will now be producing new videos each month, you have a better chance of producing something that someone will find so interesting and important that they just have to pass it along to their friends and family via posting to their social media networks or by email. Because viewers can almost never resist watching a short video, your series will become an extremely efficient way of reaching people.

Platform for raising funds: Once your video series is up and running, you can now find sponsors for each video or for the entire series. Sponsor information can be embedded in each video and in turn not only pay for the video production but also diversify your fundraising.

How it Works and Getting Started
Once you are ready to start, your video segments will be produced in the following three steps:

1. Production

2. Editing

3. Delivery

Production: Once your organization has decided on producing a micro-documentary series, the next step is to discuss the type of program you want to produce. We will assist your organization in co-producing or writing each segment and framing your content.

Editing: Each video segment of your series will be edited into a 2-7 minute segment depending on the amount of information presented. We will also add graphics, customizing your segments to fit your organizational mission. Your logo can also be inserted upon request.

Delivery: Once your segment is edited, it will be uploaded to broadcast on your website, or through one of the free video-streaming platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. We can of course help set up a channel for you if needed.

Our JUST Video Project is a way for us to off-shoot the costs of our after-school program as well as provide paid internships to formally incarcerated youth. By you signing up for the JUST Video service it is a win–win for us all.

For a monthly micro-documentary series:

-2-7 minuets in length
-Shot and Edited
-Encoded and Delivered/Uploaded

Total Cost: $320-$575 plus tax, per video

(we use a sliding scale by considering the size of your organization)

We are here to provide a great service to those that dedicate their time and energy to a variety of noble and worthwhile causes. We strongly believe the best deals are the ones on both sides! Creating a loyal viewership with the video segments will systematically have a great impact on your organization’s overall effectiveness month after month.

For more information please contact:

Hany Massoud at justicebythepen@gmail.com