JUST Video for Youth

JUST Video Youth Program

In the 1440s, Johannes Gutenberg redefined the printing press, changing the way the world would share knowledge by making information more easily accessible to all. Now, with the technological advancement of digital video production and the internet, schools and youth programs can provide their youth a platform to voice their ideas and thoughts, while also sharing their organizations mission to the world.

Our JUST Video Program for Youth is an amalgamation of our youth leadership workshop (Identity in Action) and our Media Literacy Program. JUST Video is intended to provide youth an opportunity to develop a holistic world view in order to better inform their actions, which will be represented in their productions.

In simple terms, our objective is to produce a monthly micro-documentary or online TV series developed, produced and directed by your youth. Each month a new video can highlight something students learned in the Identity in Action program, be a form of activism to bring light to an issue students care about, simply be a creative outlet for youth to express themselves, or it can feature something unique about your school or organizations’ work. Simultaneously, your video series will accomplish several goals:

Youth Producers: Your youth will translate the social media skills they have already mastered on a day to day basis into real production skills, instead of simply consumption skills, by focusing on uploading before downloading. The content and production of each episode in your series will be developed through a weekly workshop called: Identity in Action [The FREE Identity in Action Curriculum can be downloaded on the sidebar].

Your message going viral: Because you will now be producing new videos each month, you have a better chance of producing something that someone will want to pass along to their friends and family via social media posting or by email. Because viewers can almost never resist watching a short video, your series will become an extremely efficient way of reaching people.

Gaining Loyal Supporters: Once your video series has reached an audience, your content will provide viewers something new each month to keep them coming back for more. Your followers will have the option to subscribe to the series, keeping them plugged in and loyal to your work. Additionally, these videos can be used for fundraising purposes.

Identity in Action Workshop
As the youth gear up to start production on their new video series, they will concurrently be attending the Identity in Action workshop. The ideal schedule consists of one 90-minute each week after school, running for two 3-month cycles (one unit roughly lasting a month). Production days are on a separate schedule, often times falling on irregular days, including weekends, depending on youth’s schedules.

Each week’s 90-minute long workshop will be split between the Identity in Action curriculum and video production meetings. Basic video production instruction will be given, although most of the learning will come from the doing. The JBP Identity in Action program itself is taught through activities, discussions, lectures, documentaries, guest speakers and field-trips. The program starts by challenging youth to deconstruct their identities by looking at the societal forces that shape them, such as race, class, gender, nationality, etc. Throughout the year, youth grapple with the questions, “Why are you here?”, “Where did you come from?”, “Who are you?” Once the youth have a better realization of who they are, Justice by the Pen then challenges students to put their higher sense of identity into action by developing programing the youth themselves identify as worthy of producing (The Identity in Action curriculum map can be found at justicebythepen.org).

Project Work Flow
Once the youth are prepared to produce an episode, our work-flow will consist of the following:

1. Produce
2. Edit
3. Deliver

Produce: With the series’ blueprints in place, the youth will hold their weekly production meetings building up to the production date. Justice by the Pen will provide all equipment needed for the video production.
Edit: Each video segment will be edited into a 2-7 minute segment depending on the amount of information presented. Youth will be involved in this process throughout.
Deliver: Once the video is edited, it will be uploaded to broadcast on your website, or through a free video streaming platform, like youtube. We can help set up a channel for you if needed. We do not save any original full-quality files, or burn them on DVD in order to keep our costs low. However, upon request, we will provide a copy of the original files; this way, a high-quality DVD can be made at a later date.

We work using a sliding scale, taking into consideration the time spent and number of days on site and by the size of your school or organization.

For each video including:
-2-7 minutes in length
-Shot and Edited
-Encoded and Delivered/Uploaded
-Once every month

Total Cost: $320-$575 plus tax, per video

We are here to provide a great service to the youth that are our everyday leaders. We strongly believe the best deals are the ones on both sides! Creating a loyal viewership with the video segments will systematically have a great impact on your school or organization’s overall effectiveness month after month.

For more information please contact:

Hany Massoud at justicebythepen@gmail.com